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An Investigation of a Cemetery on Staten Island

In November of 2006, Staten Island Paranormal Society had the pleasure of investigating a cemetery on Staten Island. We were allowed access by the Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries of Staten Island. They requested that we keep the location private due to safety concerns.

These photos were taken by our Investigators at the cemetery. No paranormal anomolies were photographed, but they sure are nice pictures!

This is not being included as evidence, but it is an experience one of our investigators had while walking through the cemetery. Our Investigator, Amy, was standing at a family plot by herself and got the feeling she wasn't alone. She took a few photos and had her voice recorder on. As she turned around and started to move, she felt something tug on her jeans. She looked down to see if there were any branches or anything, but there was nothing there. She was on a cleared pathway. She looked up and saw a family plot. She turned her recorder back on and heard the leaves rustling in the tree above. Before you ask, yes, the wind was blowing a little that day anyway, but it was a weird rustling. She took a picture in the area and it stopped. Then, she began to hear noise around her, circling her. It started in front, then moved to the side, to the back, to the other side, etc. She took a few more photos, but nothing came out in them. When we were about to leave, She shared what happened with the group and they knew the spot she was talking about. Lisa even pointed at one of the plots! They had felt something strange, too! We aren't sure if it was one family who wanted her attention or the other who wanted it back! Two days before we asked FACSI about the family plots, one of the families called out of the blue to say they wanted to come visit!!

Please considering joining or making a donation to the Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries. They have very limited resources and do incredible work to clean and restore cemeteries that have been abandoned. If you live in Staten Island and have lived there all your life, chances are you may have distant relatives buried in an abandoned cemetery and not even realize it! Did you know that the third Staten Island Borough President is buried in an abandoned cemetery??!!! There are hundreds or thousands of war veterans buried in these abandoned cemeteries. If it can happen to these people, it can happen to any of us!! Please visit the Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, SI, NY website to see some of their restorations. Consider signing up for their mailing list, volunteering for clean-ups or making a donation to help in their efforts.



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