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Conference House Park Investigation

One of our investigations back in July of 2006 was of the Conference House Park at the end of Hylan Boulevard.
Present were Amy, Lisa, Kristi, Laura, Mary, and Lisa. 
We had a few camera issues- digital cameras that would photograph nothing but blackness, cameras that would not snap photos at all, drained batteries, etc.
Although, we didn't get any real anomolies on film, we recorded a couple of strange audio clips.  Here are a few:

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    Cool pic from Conference House taken by Kristi.

  • This one was taken as Amy and Kristi were walking up towards the house to photograph one of the windows where our Psychic felt that someone was standing.  At the same point on the grass, they both lost their breath.  Kristi said, "I just felt..." and Amy finished, "Out of breath, I just felt the same thing." 
    This is what was recorded at that moment.  Listen as it appears that something is taking their breath away.

  • This evp was recorded as the group was walking back out of a dark path at the Park. Listen to what "they" say to us!   Seems as though "they" were happy we were leaving!


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