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An Investigation of a Funeral Home on Staten Island

Staten Island Paranormal Society investigated a funeral home on Staten Island. The family that owns the home has seen strange lights moving in the hallway and smelled perfume that they believe to be their late grandmother's. We went back later to try to gather more evidence.

Here is the first video. Listen after Selene asks Amy, "Did you get anything on that?". Before Amy answers, "Huh?" there is an answer to the question!


On the second video, recorded 46 seconds later, there is ANOTHER "No" and this time strange lights are seen moving across the screen right before it. There are no windows in the area that could do this- it's in an inside hallway. There is nothing that would reflect in that direction. We also have flashlights on video to compare it to. It was recorded on a Samsung MiniDV with Nite Pix on. We went back in December and tried everything to recreate it. We used all types of flashlights in different directions, moved the video cameras around, tried taking flash photos at different angles, and nothing even came close to this.


Lightened for clarity:


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