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Garibaldi-Meucci Museum Investigation

SIPS first investigated the Garibaldi-Meucci House in July of 2006. 
Present were Amy, Lisa, Kristi, Laura, Selene and Lori, as well as the Tour Guide, Jen.
We took a lot of photographs and recorded a few possible EVPs. 
A few of us had strange things happen and some picked up the presence of others in the rooms with us.

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    Picture of Antonio Meucci for reference.

  • Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Photo of Antonio Meucci coming to take a look at us???!! We find this picture to be pretty funny!

  • This EVP was recorded by Laura, Kristi and Jen in the kitchen area, a hot spot in the house.  The spirit of a woman is said to roam the room. 
    Kristi remarks how she is not ready to give in.  The voice heard after that is not one of our investigators!  This file is the raw copy- not cleaned or edited in any way.  This is the first Class A EVP we've ever recorded!

  • This EVP was captured while we were all in the upstairs hallway. The tour guide, Jen, was telling us how she was a little freaked because a statue was not in the right spot. This LOUD whisper was recorded. When we went back for our follow-up, we made sure to do as it asked!


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