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We are Staten Island Paranormal Society, a Paranormal Investigative organization based out of Staten Island.

Our mission is simple: To seek out the truth about the afterlife and prove to ourselves that it exists with evidence we collect. We use digital and 35mm cameras, digital and analog video, digital voice recorders, along with other equipment to help us accomplish our mission. So far, we’re pleased with our results! We also strive to educate the public about the afterlife and to comfort those who have been experiencing paranormal activity.

If you think you have been experiencing activity that could be attributed to ghosts or spirits, contact us.

We will set up an interview with you to find out what is going on. After that, a small group of investigators will come to your home with cameras, audio and video equipment to conduct an investigation for no charge.

Confidentiality is guaranteed. We understand that this may be a difficult time for you. Your name and location will never be released.

We also investigate businesses. If you are a business owner who has a location that is considered "haunted" and would like a free investigation, contact us. Some businesses like the publicity!


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