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Our Investigators

  • Amy , Founder & Lead Investigator
    Amy is the Founder of Staten Island Paranormal Society. She is formerly from Staten Island, but she now resides in central NJ. She has been interested in the Paranormal for many years, conducting "Ghosthunts" around Staten Island with her sister and brother for school projects many, mnay years ago. She has done extensive research into the paranormal.

    Amy decided to start Staten Island Paranormal Society after finding that there were no other groups on Staten Island available to help people with paranormal activity.

  • Lisa , Co-Founder & Lead Investigator
    Lisa was born and raised in the Annadale section of Staten Island and now resides in central NJ. She has been interested in the paranormal since her first experience of seeing a spirit when she was in her early teens. Since then she has read a variety of books and watched many documentaries, to gain the knowledge, along with using common sense, about what is and what is not considered paranormal.
    Lisa decided to create the Staten Island Paranormal Society along with Amy and Kristi for one simple reason……answers.

  • Kristi , Co-Founder & Lead Historian
    Kristi has been interested in various aspect of paranormal existence since she was very young. Throughout her teen years, she began collecting books, movies and other items pertaining to various aspects of paranormal existence such as ghosts, alien existence and abductions. She now has quite an impressive collection. She has always had an open mind when it came to believing in things that you cannot physically prove; however, as a fan of “The X-Files", she refers to herself as a Mulder AND a Scully, meaning that she is always looking for a logical explanation to things, but as we all know, there isn’t always one.
    She co-founded the Staten Island Paranormal Society to "put my curiosity at ease and try to prove whether or not there are more than just us mortal beings roaming the earth". There is only one way to find out…investigate!

  • Sylvia , Investigator
    Sylvia has been fascinated with the paranormal for as long as she can remember. It has always been a part of her in life in one form or another, beginning at a young age when she believed she saw an apparition calling to her in her room. Since then she has wanted answers. Over the years Sylvia has collected and devoured books on various subjects ranging from ghosts/hauntings to afterlife to E.S.P. to the occult. She now has an extensive library on all of these subjects. She has been a member of SIPS since October of 2006.

  • Selene ,Investigator
    Selene has been a believer in the paranormal since she was seven years old when she received a visit from her deceased grandfather. She did not totally understand what she had seen until later on in life when she also saw her neighbor who passed away a few days prior by means of suicide. She then knew it wasn’t a dream or her imagination.
    She decided to join the Staten Island Paranormal Society to try to help people who have experienced similar “visits” or sightings, to reassure them that they are not alone, and also to help the souls that have been left behind to cross over and be with their loved ones on the other side.

  • Lori ,Investigator
    While still a young child, Lori's cat Ming - her best friend, went to sleep and never woke up. Her parents now had the task of explaining death to her. The confusing part came when days later Ming came back to her one night. Telling her mom this - she explained that sometimes when someone or something we love has to leave us before we or they are ready, they might return to make things right. This Lori believes was the case....Ming came back for some time until she was finally able to let go, then one night he didn't return. At that point her curiosity and belief in the paranormal was fueled.
    As an adult Lori's beliefs continue and her knowledge in this field grows. She has done and continues to do research in a field that many have a hard time believing in or understanding. Lori says, "But just because you don't understand does not mean it does not exist. If you open your mind you will truly see the wonders of the unexplained."

  • Laura ,Part-Time Investigator

  • Jonathan ,Part-Time Investigator


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